Amirul Naim

Full Stack Developer

About Me

As a web developer with over 3 years of experience in the Information Technology industry, I am passionate about creating innovative and user-friendly web applications. My expertise lies in developing and maintaining web systems using Laravel, Vue.js and MySQL. Throughout my career, I have played a crucial role in the development of various web systems such as ERP, CRM, Business Case and PMO modules, enabling businesses to efficiently manage their operations and improve their overall performance.

Additionally, I have experience in data analysis and visualization using Python, ensuring data accuracy and relevance for informed decision-making. I thrive in a collaborative and dynamic team environment, where I can contribute my skills and knowledge to develop high-quality web applications.

My strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail have allowed me to effectively troubleshoot and resolve technical issues. I am always eager to learn new technologies and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in the field. I am committed to delivering exceptional results and exceeding expectations.


Boneybone Ventures Sdn Bhd

Web Developer

  • Utilized expertise in Laravel PHP, Vue.js, and MySQL to make significant contributions to the development of an ERP system consisting of PMO, CRM, BC, and HRMS modules.

  • Deployed web systems on AWS EC2 and DigitalOcean droplets, ensuring high availability, scalability, and fault tolerance for clients.

  • Effectively utilize Runcloud to efficiently manage the application and server, ensuring optimal performance, security, and smooth operations.

  • Designed and developed a dashboard that effectively displays sales and project data using Laravel, MySQL, and Vue.js.

  • Led a team of developers in developing and maintaining the system and utilizing Jira for streamlined project management and efficient workflow to ensure timely delivery of high-quality software.


Technical Team Lead

  • Led the team in system development and technical support, ensuring seamless operation and high customer satisfaction.

  • Developed and maintained Rest API using Node.js with PM2 process manager.

  • Collected raw sales and inventory data, conducted data cleaning, and analysis using Python.

  • Developed modules for an e-commerce fulfillment system using Python Flask microservice for backend, HTML/CSS/Javascript for frontend, and MongoDB and MYSQL for database.

  • Deployed web system on AWS servers using Nginx for optimal performance and high availability.


Analyst Programmer

  • Worked with Laravel in the process of writing the code, ultimately resulting in a completed program.

  • Developed mobile applications within 3 months using an ionic framework.

  • Implemented the interplanetary file system(IPFS) for secure file storage in the system.

  • Pickup node.js and develop web API using node.js within 3 months.

  • Deployed the web system on the server using Nginx and apache with Ubuntu.


Web Developer Intern

  • SDeveloped a web system using Laravel as the backend with Blade, Sass, and Vue.js for the frontend, and MySQL as the database.

  • Created and validated a software requirements specification and performed user acceptance testing.

  • Revamp and manage the company website using Wordpress.


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

2016 - 2020

Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering)

CGPA: 3.40

Final Year Project: Identify Men In Women-Only Coach In MRT/LRT Using Face Recognition

Description:The project was develop using raspberry pi as the main component to identify the passengers through a pi camera. If the passengers are a man, the alarm will start and the notification will be sent to the security officer's smartphone.


1. Raspberry as the main module consists of the pi camera to capture the face of the passengers and triggers the alarm after the passengers identified as a man. The code was mainly written in python.

2. Firebase Realtime Database was used to record the coach number and the time frame of the activity.

3. The mobile application was developed using flutter to received notification when the man was detected and display the data from the real-time database.

Politeknik Balik Pulau

2013 - 2016

Diploma in Information Technology (Programming)

CGPA: 3.55

Developed an inventory system that can record the item data, update the item data, display the item data and delete the item data. The project was developed using VB.Net


Empire Tech Vision Website

This project is a company profile website that i developed using Wordpress with divi theme. Using text animation to make the website more interactive.

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Imba Shop Online Store

Imba Shop is a web application developed using JSP(Java Servlet Pages). We using MVC Pattern to implement the development.

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Identify men on woman couch in LRT/MRT

It is a FYP project.It is a project called Identify men on woman couch in LRT/MRT. The system will triggered when men are detected with the pi camera. It is using Convolutional neural network and python programming language as the backbone of the system. The mobile application development using Flutter.The data stored in firebase realtime database.

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